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Ceramic diamond chip polishing pads

Publish Date 2018-11-08
In 2018, we have developed the ceramic diamond chip polishing pads.
These series diamond polishing pads give more high performance than diamond metal chip pads!
Ceramic Metal pad is the latest in technological advances within the stone industry. These discs are specifically designed for polishing harder types of natural stone such as granites.Ceramic Metal discs are the workhorses of the Ceramic line. Available in 50, 100,200and 400 grits, the Ceramic Metal discs are designed to improve the quality of the preparation work required to bring out the deep glossy finish that only Ceramic can produce. Fabricators love the ease with which they can begin polishing in tight, difficult to reach areas such as internal corners, inside rim of sink holes, and any concave area. Tile contractors will experience excellent results on the profile and curved edges.

Monumentalists will be able to polish any curved or flat portion of monuments. Extremely flexible, with improved high quality performance, Ceramic Metal will increase production capability and provide cost savings through an increased life and consistent performance. Only Ceramic Metal has the hardness of a metal bond diamond in a flexible resin bond disc. This unique combination gives Ceramic Metal a long life and superior aggressiveness compared to a standard resin bond diamond disc. These discs work well on granite, engineered stone and porcelain slab.

Ceramic Metal pads lasts up to 6 times longer compared to resin discs.

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