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A new method for preparing nano-diamond is developed

Publish Date 2018-03-12
Russian academy of sciences, the physical technology and Petersburg by the national institutes of chemical pharmaceutical researchers of detonation nanodiamond optical screening method to carry out the study, through the experiment proved that for 3 ~ 6 nm in diameter diamond has a unique spectral absorption features, so as to obtain more pure nanometer diamond slurry.

The method is not widely used because of the high quality of noise. But in the past decade, the development of the technique of detonation has attracted the attention of researchers who have used it as a simple method to acquire diamond. The application of nano-diamond is limited to the field of abrasive abrasive, such as poling and polishing agent. With further understanding of nano diamond properties, nanometer diamond has been in the metal coating, lubricating oil, magnetic recording system, medical and other fields began to get application, and application fields are expanded.

The diameter of the nano-diamond particles produced by Russia is 200 ~ 400 nanometers in diameter. Team first to 4 nm nano diamond particles shattering, and application of special method for multi-stage heating, nano diamond slurry after acid and ultrasonic treatment, too. The dark brown nano diamond emulsion suspending liquid, than use the standard simple ball mill technology. The more pure, more transparent.

As for 3 ~ 6 nm diameter diamond only spectral absorption features, the reason is that the two carbon atoms dimers molecules, they formed in the surface of nanodiamond to reduce surface area. Scientists of this hypothesis consistent with theoretical basis and experimental data, in addition, for larger diamond nanoparticles by spectral absorption experiment, due to low proportion dimers and spectral absorption phenomenon disappeared.

Russian researchers have done is not only a contribution to the nanometer diamond optical analysis method, is also a step towards transparent nano diamond slurry preparation, this feature may open a broader space for the application of nanometer diamond.

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