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The rules of the production workshop of electroplating diamond tools

Publish Date 2018-03-12
At present, the factories of electroplating diamond tools are relatively simple, with poor production conditions, environmental protection, environmental pollution and product quality. In order to achieve cleaner production and improve product level, comprehensive management should be achieved. We should pay close attention to the impact of the electroplating workshop on the surrounding environment when selecting the address of electroplating diamond tools workshop. The electroplating car should be located in a fresh and convective area where the car asks for natural ventilation and good lighting. Meanwhile, it is also important to prevent the environment from polluting the workshop, so as to prevent the incoming dust from blowing into the car and into the plating tank.

How to produce electroplated diamond tools
1. The operator enters the electroplating workshop in overalls, changes the working shoes, and prohibits non-staff from entering the workshop at random.
2. After daily work, carefully clean the site; Remove dust and salt crystals regularly, remove dust and salt crystals, and keep the equipment clean and running (especially in the electrical parts).
3. Cover and cover (especially the plating tank and sand container) when the plating equipment is deactivated. Keep clean. The car asked to ban the non-production of sundries, and to reduce dust sources.
4, whole exhaust: to keep the workshop well ventilated, AIDS should be done to the overall mechanical ventilation, using exhaust fan from indoor whole upper exhaust, exhaust air volume should also compensate by the air supply system in the fresh air.
5. Local exhaust: in order to control the spread of harmful gases, prevent air pollution in the indoor air, and local ventilation facilities should be used in the areas where harmful gases are produced. Outdoor exhaust vents should be high on the roof. 5 ~ 2 m.
6. Closed exhaust: the deplated workpiece and the acid wash will produce thick yellow smoke, which is harmful to human health. Must be carried out in the ventilating cabinet to realize the powerful sealing exhaust.

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