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Two important parameters of diamond grinding wheel abrasive

Publish Date 2018-03-12
Diamond in nature is a hard material, so is widely used in the cutting and grinding, mainly in terms of grinding tool is grinding wheel, diamond grinding wheel in the production process of main reference parameters for the thermal stability and strength, today mainly introduce its thermal stability.

Thermal stability test. When the abrasive wheel is heated to seven hundred degrees Celsius, it is found that the abrasive can oxidize and cause the diamond abrasive to be damaged. But the damage of the diamond abrasive at high temperatures and abrasive itself is the quality of the relationship, we are choosing the raw materials of diamond grinding wheel, we can according to the characteristics of combination grinding process to choose to suit their own quality of diamond abrasive.
And according to the grinding wheel abrasive thermal stability of SSS can easily to determine the binder, method is based on the principle of the oxide formation free energy of several oxides in with diamond abrasive grinding wheel sintering temperature of reaction conditions were analyzed, and then determine the chemical composition of bonding agent, and then through the glass structure theory to determine the composition of the bond of diamond wheel in a variety of specific content, determine the formula, after production.

Through thermal stability we mainly to determine the formula of grinding wheel abrasive, the diamond wheel and CBN grinding wheel is base on binder formula, can get the same as raw material, but the formulation is only, as long as the good formula, can fully guarantee accuracy, life, efficiency, and so on all the requirements. Of course, you have to choose the binding agent according to your actual needs.

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