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The quality of diamond grinding wheel in recent years

Publish Date 2018-03-12
In recent years, the acceptance rate of grinding wheel products is still low, and there are many problems that cannot be ignored. Some problems have seriously threatened the safety of personal property.

Grinding wheel is composed of a variety of main and auxiliary materials complex system, is the main material, bond and auxiliary materials, including filler, reinforced material, etc., the future of the industry will continue to develop more hard, higher strength, lighter and more toughness of workpiece material, to minimize the parts weight and improve the life of parts. In order to use the super hard abrasive, the grinding machine and machining center have improved significantly. CNC control system, automatic up-down material, complex online measurement, high speed spindle, high pressure/high capacity of closed cooling liquid supply device, all is for the use of superhard abrasive to gain great benefits. Regular dressing can keep the grinding wheel in good grinding performance and correct geometry, avoid the passivation, blockage and appearance distortion of grinding wheel, and the usual dressing tool is diamond pen. Therefore, the roller technology is not only in space and aviation, but also widely used in ordinary civil production.

In grinding wheel, the abrasive grain is bonded together by the combination of the agent, and the properties and quality of the grinding wheel are directly affected by the properties of the binder. One of the characteristics of grinding wheel manufacturing is strong technology. Any omission and deviation in the manufacturing process can have a negative impact on the quality of grinding wheel products. With new materials, some parts such as camshaft, crankshaft, wheel, brake and support can now be compressed or forged, and then processed with high speed grinding or high speed machining. This can significantly reduce the time from blank materials to finished parts.

The cutting edge of the same cutting blade is long, the cutting resistance is large, the cutting force of the cutter is large, so the tool wear, milling force and cutting vibration are big. When spiral Angle to larger, milling force in the direction of the deviation degree on the surface of the workpiece, cutting impact of graphite material due to its broken intensified, and thus tool wear, the milling force and the cutting vibration is increased. As the wear of diamond tools is closely related to the load condition, the machining conditions can have a significant effect on wear.

Tool cutting after a long time, natural grain grinding blunt, the blade height decreased, with the wear of abrasive binder around, holding force to diamond, diamond lead to fall off.

Grinding wheel dressing is one of key technology in grinding, the grinding technology is developing towards the trend of high precision, high speed and high efficiency, this requires grinding wheel dressing not only has high precision, but also has high efficiency. Diamond dressing roller is in order to adapt to the development, it is a new generation of wheel molding dressing tools, has a high precision finishing, finishing type surface complex, finishing efficiency higher characteristic, is the present for effective efficiency, high precision forming shaping tool.

The unbalance of the grinding wheel is due to the weight of the grinding wheel. It is caused by grinding wheel manufacturing and installation defects. For example, the grinding wheel is not uniform in density, the end face is not parallel, the geometrical shape or inner and outer hole concentricity error, grinding wheel installation eccentric etc. An unbalanced grinding wheel can cause the grinding wheel to move away from the axis when it spins at high speed.

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