What are the advantages of good electroplating diamond tools?

Good electroplating diamond tools should have the following five attributes:
1. The abrasive particle size distribution is concentrated, the size is suitable, too big and easy to collapse, too small for long - term grinding. The diamond impact strength is moderate, can be used in the grinding process blade, not crushed. Too hard to use the blade, the sharp corners of the mill can not go out of the blade, the abrasive will slip; Too soft abrasive material is extruded to powder and life is very short.
2. A good bonding agent for mechanical properties. If the internal stress is low or zero, the tensile strength and elongation will be required. If there is not enough "toughness", the binder will be easy to pop up or shatter in the impact.
3. Appropriate rate of cladding. It's too sharp, it's easy to slip, it's broken. Too low can cause the abrasive to fall out prematurely.
4. Good infiltration. If the abrasive is not wet, the mill is like a castle in the air. The abrasive "hold power" is proportional to the hydrophilicity of the abrasive.
5. Suitable polarization ability of potion. This ability will determine the concrete shape of the sag surrounding the abrasive.