Q:What is ​A diamond blade?

​A:A diamond blade is a  saw blade  which has diamonds fixed on the blade's base to use the diamonds to cut hard or abrasival materials. There are many types of diamond blades, and they have been applied in many industries, for example, construction industry to cut stone, concrete, asphalt, bricks, glass and ceramics, IT industry to cut semiconductor materials, and gem industry to cut gem stones including diamonds.

Q:How many types of diamond blades are there?


Diamond blades can be categorized by their shape, use, and manufacturing method.

Types by shape

If categorized by their style, diamond blades are available in different types: circular saw blades, gang saw blades and band saw blades.

Circular diamond saw blades are commonly sighted and the most widely used. Most diamond blades are of this style.

A diamond gang saw blade is a long steel plate with diamond segments  welded on it. Normally, a group (tens or even hundreds) of diamond gang saw blades are used together to saw raw stone blocks.

A diamond band saw blade is a flexible closed steel band with diamonds fixed (often via the electroplating method) on the teeth of one side of the band.

Types by use

If categorized by use, there are marble diamond blades, granite diamond blades, concrete diamond blades, asphalt diamond blades, general purpose diamond blades, masonry diamond blades, gem cutting diamond blades, etc.

Types by manufacturing method

There are many methods to attach diamonds onto the saw blade's base . A common method is sintering the mixture of diamonds and metal powders are formed to the blade's cutting edges -- diamond segments, and the produced diamond blades can be called sintered metal-bonded diamond blades. Other methods include electroplating, vacuum brazing, extruding and so on.